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Welcome to our website! We are so happy to report that two foals were born this spring and we are looking forward to our third in September. Please feel free to visit and meet our Connemara ponies.

Hollymead Farm, established in 2005, is located in the foothills region of North Carolina. The climate and rolling hills are ideal for riding and raising young horses. We are always happy to have visitors. Please contact us for directions if you are in the area and would like to stop by.

Our horses are maintained on pasture as much as possible. The fields are soil tested, fertilized and overseeded on a regular basis to provide a healthy natural grass diet for the mares and foals. We supplement the pasture with a high quality mineral supplement to meet nutritional needs. Natural diet, combined with the physical conditioning the hills provide, give our foals a good start in life.

We are dedicated to breeding safe, sane and sound Irish Draught horses and Connemara ponies. Our mares are from performance bloodlines and serve as family riding horses and broodmares. They are quiet to handle and easily ridden by novice riders, yet possess the athleticism to participate in a variety of disciplines.

Welcome to newborn Connemara filly, Hollymead Carolina Wren, born in the early morning hours of March 22, 2016 to Tullymor's Shandora by Loughrea's Seamus. For more information about Wren, please visit the Foals and Youngstock page.

Elphin Chickadee produced a healthy colt foal on April 19th. she looks very pleased with him.